1. 1.What did you know about polio before you read the book?

  2. 2.Were you alive during the polio epidemic years?

  3. 3.If so, what are your memories of that time?

  4. 4.Do you know anyone who had polio? Do you know anyone who died from polio?

  5. 5.What are the most important facts you learned from this book?

  6. 6.What was your opinion of the polio vaccine before reading the book? After reading the book?

  7. 7.Have you ever lost someone close to you?

  8. 8.Do you believe that the grief process is different for everyone? Explain your position.

  9. 9.Do you believe in an after-life?

  10. 10.Does religious belief in an after-life assist in the grief process? Explain.

  11. 11.Do you believe that the twin relationship is unique? Explain.

  12. 12.Has this book changed your opinion regarding public health issues? In what way?

  13. 13.Do you plan on learning more about organizations involved in polio eradication?

  14. 14.Do you believe that polio eradication is an important public health issue?

  15. 15.Do you believe that childhood vaccination is a purely personal issue, or an issue that must be approached on the basis of the “greater public good?”

Twin Voices received honorable mention in non-fiction and biography in the 2007 London Book Festival Competition.

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